Is the inspiration cause which has been written in Islamic histories and commentaries about preliminary verses of chapter 60, a reason for Mohammad’s prophet hood?

A research about this issue and to inspect it impartially

 One way of which Muslims use to prove Islam religion is the unseen news which has been told by Mohammad. One of these news is the below story.

It should be noticed that the below story is very famous and is quoted in almost every Islamic commentaries and histories.

Most of commentators have affirmed that the preliminary verses of chapter 60(Momtahene) is inspired for Hateb Ebne Abi Baltae (of course with a little differences) and in below we bring what Tabarsi(a famous commentator) has said in his book (Majmaolbayan) :the story was such that a woman named Sareh who was belonged to one of Mecca tribes came to God’s messenger in Medina ,prophet told him: have you become Muslim and came here?

She responded no.

He told: have you migrated to here?

She told: no

Prophet said: so why have you come here?

She told: you were belonged to our tribe, all of my guardians went and I became totally poor. I came to you and want to pity on me and give me clothe and a roadster.

(He) said: so what about Mecca youths? (Pointing out that the woman has been a singer and sang for youths).

(she) said: after Bard war no one asked me to sing(and this shows that Badr war has been too heavy for Mecca idolators.

Prophet ordered Abd Al-Motalleb’s sons to give her cloth and roadster and some money and this event was exactly the time in which prophet was getting ready to conquer Mecca.

At this time Hateb Ebne Abi Baltae (one of famous Muslims who has participated in Badr war and Rezvan allegiance)came to Sare and wrote a letter and told her give this letter to people of Mecca and then gave her 10 Dinar(kind of currency)and a piece of cloth.

Hateb had written in the letter that the Messenger of God is going to come to you, be ready to defend yourselves then Sare took the letter and moved toward Mecca.

Gabriel made prophet aware of this story .the messenger of God told to Ali (peace be upon him), Ammar, Omar, Zobeir, Talhe, Meghdad and Aboo Morsad to go toward Mecca and told them you will see a woman in your way who is carrying a letter from Hateb to Mecca idolaters. Take her letter as you find him.they moved and reached her at that place which messenger of God had said .she took oath that there is no letter with her.they inspected her luggage but did not find anything so they decided to come back but Ali (peace be upon him) said neither prophet has told us lie nor we tell, then he draw his sword out and told her show the letter otherwise I will behead you. When she found him serious showed the letter which has been hidden between her hairs. They brought the letter to prophet .prophet send someone to bring Hateb and told him do you know this letter?!

He said: yes

Prophet said: what did cause you to do this work?

(She) said: oh messenger of God, by God since I have accepted Islam have never denied it and never betrayed you and never accepted idolaters’ invitation (to idolatry) since I have not been with them, but my problem is that all of Mohajeran(those who have migrated from Mecca to Medina ) have some relative in Mecca who defend them against idolaters but I am strange there and my family are captives in their hands and I wanted to protect them by doing this work in order not to be bothered by idolaters while I knew that finally God would defeat them and this letter would not benefit them. Prophet (PBOH) accepted her excuse but Omar stood up and said: oh messenger of God! Let me behead this hypocritical woman!

Prophet said: she is one of fighter of Badr war, and God has a special mercy on them(here was the time that the preliminary verses of chapter 60 were inspired and taught some lessons to Muslims about not having any friendship with idolaters ).

As you see in this authentic historical story, prophet became aware of that letter .now can we prove Mohammad’s prophet hood by considering this story?

Firstly because this story is historical and historical quotations are not always certain so it could not be a definite reason to prove Mohammad’s truth worthy. So this story is discussed only as a subsidiary which can increase the possibility of Mohammad’s truth worthy. However this story is very famous and is quoted nearly by all Islamic historians. If such famous historical quotations are not reliable we will encounter problem to prove other prophets like Jesus and Moses and many other events in past, therefore according to intellectual method we can trust famous historical quotation till there is no contradiction with them.

Another problem which can be expressed here is that Mohammad, Hateb and Sare had planned this story to attract people toward Mohammad and this story is in fact a predesigned map.

By not considering any thing this possibility is possible but if we read the story carefully this possibility seems very unlikely.Sare is not someone with whom prophet wants to have such plan because this was possible that Sare tell Mohammad’s plan to Mecca idolaters and accordingly they release this story against Mohammad, and a wise man like Mohammad never takes such risks and Hateb is not reliable enough because he is a Muslim who seemingly has accepted Mohammad.forthermore we read in story ,when Mohammad’s messengers did not have any hope to find the letter decided to come back and we read that Sare did not do any work  and if this story had been designed before Sare should have placed the letter somewhere to be found by them as soon as possible while we see she hid it between her hairs.

Another possibility which can be expressed is the possibility of spies who were in service of Mohammad .in fact they anounced Mohammad and God has not have any role.

This possibility seems unlikely because such works (sending a secret letter) usually is done by full prudence and no one should be aware of that and here Hateb should have attempted a lot to conceal this secret, and even if a spy has become aware of existence of this letter how did he become aware of text of letter unless we say that Hateb said him and this is also unlike. It should be also said that why that spy announced Mohammad too late that he had to send someone after that woman, why did not that spy announced Mohammad in Medina?except we say that the spy announced him soon but Mohammad post phoned expressing it in order to remove any doubt from his claim that he has received this news from God. He expressed this news after Sare left the city to remove any doubt lest people think that he has spy or if people knew that he has spy lest they think that his spies announced him.

By not considering anything having spy is possible but by considering the mentioned issues its possibility decrease a lot.

Here there is another problem with this story which does not belong only to this verse but to all verses which contain sort of prediction or scientific fact and that is this issue that are these miraculous facts a reason for their teller’s prophet hood? Can’t anyone else express these issues? Is it possible that Mohammad have had relationship with sprites? And they announce Mohammad these facts?

These problems are a group of total problems which should be discussed separately; you can follow this question on the following link.

Final conclusion: this verse with reference to mentioned problems is not a full reason to prove miracle of Quran but it is absolutely a good subsidiary for miracle of Quran.

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