Is the verse 2 of Ensan chapter (76) a scientific miracle

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 Is the verse 2 of Ensan chapter (76) a scientific miracle?

 A research about this verse and to inspect it impartially

هَلْ أَتىَ‏ عَلىَ الْانسَانِ حِینٌ مِّنَ الدَّهْرِ لَمْ یَکُن شَیْئا مَّذْکُورًا(۱)إِنَّا خَلَقْنَا الْانسَانَ مِن نُّطْفَهٍ أَمْشَاجٍ نَّبْتَلِیهِ فَجَعَلْنَاهُ سَمِیعَا بَصِیرًا(۲)

Has there been for man a period of time when he was not anything worthy of mention?!(1) Indeed we created man from a drop of mixes so that we may test him so we made him endowed with hearing and sight (2)

 A group of commentators want to prove the scientific miracle of Quran by using this verse and subsequently prove the rightfulness of Islam. Here in this article we want to inspect this verse to understand if it is a scientific miracle or not.

The term (أَمْشَاجٍ –mixes) is the plural form of (مشج-mix), accordingly the verse means that we have created human from a drop of mixes! What does this clause means? What does Mixes means?

This verse tells us that the substance of which human is created is a mix, and also not one mix but several mixes.

The Quran commentators have expressed many meanings in this case:

۱- The mixture of male and female’s ejaculated liquid.

۲- The mixture of sperm and ovum.

۳- The mixture of male and female’s gens.

۴- The mixture of parent’s characteristics.

۵- The mixture of colours of male and female’s liquid.

۶- The mixture of constituents of semen.

۷- The mixture of different characteristics in human (coldness, warmness)

Now this question should be asked that how could Mohammad express this scientific issue in that ignorant environment of Arabs. It is not much time that scientists have understood the mechanisms of human’s body especially about process of human’s formation in the womb. For example in those days people thought that creation of infant is only due to the father and the rule of mother is as an agricultural farm or some people thought that when the infant is a boy he has been created by his father and when it is a girl she has been created by his mother!!

Here in this verse, Quran expresses that an infant is created by both his mother and father (mixes). This is a miraculous verse in Quran.

After this brief commentary we want to inspect this verse exactly to find out the reality about it.

Inspection of the second verse of Ensan chapter

What is mentioned in this verse is nearly accepted as a scientific wonder of Quran because it is in opposition with the idea of people of those days. Being effectiveness of both male and female in creation of child is a recent discovery. But by considering the three below cases, the possibility of miracle of this verse will decrease.

۱-the term “mixes” is vague and does not imply any special mix precisely and one may say that Mohammad has expressed those kinds of mixes which were easy to recognize, like the number four, six and seven mixes.

۲-some of old doctors like Jalinoos had expressed that both male and female have a kind of semen and both can affect on appearance of child but the semen of male is more powerful than female (the laws of medicine vol 2 p 532).

Allame Majlesi one of the biggest Islamic scientists also quotes from Arastoo and other wise men that female does not have so called semen but has a liquid similar to semen which blends with male’s semen .however the semen of males is affective but the females’ none effective. (Seas of lights-vol 57-p 390)

Therefore it is clear that mixture of male and female’s reproductive cells had not been an unknown issue because those before Mohammad had pointed out to this subject.

But it should be noticed that those wise man who had expressed this reality were absolutely big scientists while Mohammad even has not been able to read and write!! Expressing this reality by a person like Mohammad seems very unlike.

Of course one may say that this fact had reached Saudi Arabia generation to generation from former scientists and Mohammad had heard this fact from other people. This problem is very unlike because those days situation of Arabia was absolutely non-scientific and the books of Greek scientists had not been translated in that time.

۳- Here there is another problem with this scientific miracle which does not belong only to this verse but to all verses which contain sort of prediction or scientific fact and that is this issue that are these miraculous facts a reason for their teller’s prophet hood? Can’t anyone else express these issues? Is it possible that Mohammad have had relationship with sprites? And they announce Mohammad these facts?

These problems are a group of total problems which should be discussed separately therefore we will discuss this question on the following link.


Final conclusion: this verse with reference to mentioned problems is not a full reason to prove miracle of Quran but it is absolutely a good subsidiary for miracle of Quran.

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